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Songs, Dance and Imaginary Journeys for Children

AlphaBeat is for children, families, teachers, and anyone who loves to move, imagine and create. The activities are based on my 27 years of teaching dance and creative movement in the classroom. The targeted age range is preschool through grade 4 (ages 3–10), with the majority of activities aimed at Kindergarten through grade 3 (ages 5–9).

AlphaBeat includes warm ups and activities based on creative movement fundamentals: actions, shapes, locomotor movement, expression, and qualities of movement. You’ll also find a big dose of words. I love language as much as I love movement.

The AlphaBeat companion guide is filled with illustrations done by school children that have danced with me and kept drawn and written journals of their experiences. It also includes activity instructions and tips for teaching the material.

Download target concepts for suggested lesson objectives and reflection question starters.

Download extended notes for "The More We Are Together" to get useful ideas on how to teach the structure of the dance simply and easily.

Read Kate's blog for more ideas for working with the material, especially in the "What To Do With...." category.

With AlphaBeat, a teacher could build movement in the classroom and enhance a physical education program. Families could enjoy dancing around the living room together. Home schooling parents could use AlphaBeat as part of their physical education and performing arts component.

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track list

The More We Are Together
Gentle Warm Up
Arm Stretch
Waist Twist
Head Circles
Arm Swings, Arm Circles and Leg Swings
Body Shape Jam
Show Your Feelings!
Action Dance
Imaginary Journey
Near and Far
Locomotor Movement
Little Seed
Travelers and the Magic Forest
Swirl and Twirl: Step #1 of The Snowflake Dance
Swirl and Twirl: (Instrumental Only)
Swirl, Twirl, Melt and Pop Up: Step #2 of The Snowflake Dance
Swirl, Twirl, Melt and Pop Up: (Instrumental Only)
The Snowflake Dance

Here's what people are saying...

My all time favorite CD to use in class is Alphabeat and the song Imaginary Journey is the most requested song by my 3 yr. olds. Andrea Trench, Director, Elite Dance Academy, IL

ALL my students are enjoying your music so much. I have found that the poetry you add is REALLY helping my special needs student. She really likes things with rhythm and pattern to them. Many thanks!
Kerry B. Dance Educator, Pleasant Valley, N.Y.

Your voice is so beautiful, and the music arrangements are superb. Everything is so clear.
Brigid Finucane, Music Educator, Chicago

We LOOOOOOOOVE your Alphabeat CD and have played it over and over and over again. Thank you for inspiring and filling our days with much joy.
Avi G. Parent, Potomac, Maryland